Removing the vehicle from the carbon equation

100% Renewable-Powered, Electric Charging
& Hydrogen Fueling Stations



hydrogen fueling


100% Renewable-Powered, Electric Charging
& Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Reasons To Invest!

*Estimates determined using SAE J2601 (Jesse led this standard) up to 70MPa and SAE J1772 up to 350kW with compatible vehicle.

● ZEV Station has partnered with large suppliers to enable a rollout such as Chart Industries (see press release).

● Leadership team by industry veterans with over 100 years of collective experience (read more).

● ZEV Station FastLane™ technology to enable ultra-fast, carbon-free fueling for all ZEV vehicles, both battery electric & hydrogen fuel cell, while customers can enjoy an upscale rest stop while they refuel their vehicles from 5-18* minutes. ZEV Station unique renewable energy storage system enables access to low-cost, carbon-free electricity, while providing backup power.

● Significant environmental movements & government incentives bolster attractive project economics for ZEV Station. ZEV Station has been awarded $10.69m Grants to date! Zero Emission Vehicle demand is high while ZEV fueling infrastructure availability is low, and that disparity will accelerate with California’s mandate for 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035.

● Transportation is now the largest source of carbon emissions in the US, while the lack of fast charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure (especially along highways) is the key bottleneck preventing the rapid adoption of zero-emission vehicles. Your investment will assist with ZEV Station mission to directly accelerate the deployment of ZEV fueling infrastructure and therefore the transition to zero-carbon transportation.

Check Our latest Updates


Press Release June 1st, 2023

ZEV Station awarded $4M CEC Grant for a Multimodal MD/HD Hydrogen Station and $1.6M CEC Grant for Rural EV Charging

Press Release March 15, 2023

Chart Industries and ZEV Station Execute MoU for Hydrogen Equipment for Novel Multimodal Stations.

Green Car Congress September 30, 2022

ZEV Station debuts charging in Palm Springs; awarded $2.7M for ZEV infrastructure

ZeroAvia Enters Partnership with ZEV Station

ZeroAvia Enters Partnership with ZEV Station to Create Hydrogen Infrastructure

Press Release September 28, 2022

ZEV Station debuts Charging in Palm Springs; Awarded $2.7M for ZEV infrastructure…